As Becka and I drive the country roads to church we enjoy the
plethora of changing colors, the bean fields are turning golden
yellow, the corn begins to turn brown and the sky is often brilliantly
filled with a light show for both dawn and dusk. It’s as if God paints
us a picture to enjoy His creation. Harvest is coming!

Reformation is around the corner and we are called to remember
the privilege and responsibilities of discipleship. We are encouraged
to renew our vows to proclaim the good news through word & deed,
to serve all people and strive for justice and peace in all the world.
Together we will lean into the means of grace so generously
provided by God our Creator, baptism, communion and His Word.
As children of God we should have a renewed zeal to reject sin and
continually choose life (excerpt from Sundays & Seasons Year C,

In Christ,
Pastor Kelly

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