November 2021

It’s hard to believe that we have almost completed another liturgical church year! The new year begins with Advent November 28th. I too am excited with the month of November, All Saints Day, Christ the King Sunday, Thanksgiving and then the final Sunday we celebrate Advent. The smell of Harvest candles, pumpkin spices and cinnamon rolls is in the air. I pray snow holds off till Christmas then abruptly stops after Christmas Day.  Not much of a chance for that this year, I  think.

November is almost a season unto itself, beginning with All Saints on the first Sunday of November and culminating in Christ the King this year on November 21st. Our liturgical colors in November are changing quickly. White is the color for All Saints, then again for Christ the King, then Advent blue for the start of Advent, the final Sunday of the month.  Our Altar Guild will be very busy and working feverishly to “keep-up”, so please take the time to thank them for all their hard work behind the scenes – they are Kristine, Ricky, Kim, Trish, Pastor Ted, Judy, Rebecca  & Bill W. –  often assisted by Elizabeth, Madelyn & Gabby.

Blessings abound in our fellowship as we grow in Christ  in unity through our Word & Sacrament ministry at St. Matthew.  May God continue to grant you all joy, love and peace during these coming holy seasons both  liturgical this year and next. May God grant you peace and comfort in all things!

May Blessings abound in your lives in Christ!

In Christ,
Pastor Kelly

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