MARCH 2024

Christ has Risen! He Has Risen Indeed!

Over the next few months, many of our Bible texts focus on “belonging”. There is a push for unity within the body of Christ through this month and next. Through this journey, we are taken from the very familiar group of disciples, to images out of nature that show unity without diversity, and then finally to an image that is highly relatable – a large group of people who go from only seeing their differences to being unified by the Holy Spirit. It is this unity, within God and within the body of Christ, that drives our Easter season and should continue to drive our efforts to live out our roles as disciples in the world (Sundays & Seasons, Year B, 2024).

We continue to enjoy the warmth of the sun and many of us are watching our daffodils and tulips pop their heads up, so ready for Spring. Enjoy the exceptionally warm winter and get the children, grandchildren to the park to burn off a little steam. May God continue to bless you during the remaining Lent Season and right into the season of Easter. 

Pastor Kelly  

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